Shoshana Leibner's Mission Statement


My goal is to help people who are advanced yoga practioners who need to be able to create time and a space to work on themselves, and also for all those yoga lovers out there, to aid them in reaching an inner quiet place to learn about themselves, so we can all move into Samadhi with ease.

I have created a series of asanas that allow you to go inside and feel how your body is doing, and how to release it the habitual holding patterns that get in the way of being able to reach out and help others. I personally love to do yoga and float in the Samadhi Floatation tank, which makes me feel good, think clearer, and get more done. I would like more people to learn how to use their bodies to experience the full potential of their lives. This gracefully and easy method was created by myself and a doctor to allow both professionals and beginners to improve their awareness of their bodies, their breathe, and their full understanding of being connected in this world, so there can begin to be unity between the inside and the outside, and to move into Samadhi with Bliss.

May the god in me salute the god in you!